Rehabilitation in Syria

Rehabilitation in Syria

Rehabilitation in Syria

The Civil War in Syria is currently in its seventh year and even now we are seeing an escalation of conflict on a number of fronts. Many of those affected by this tragedy are also the most vulnerable, namely children, women (who are often pregnant), and the elderly. Many of Syria’s major cities have been destroyed and the photos that we see coming from inside the country are reminiscent of Germany after the Second World War.

The United Nations now estimates that more than 13 million people from Syria are in desperate need humanitarian assistance. From this number about 5.6 million Syrians have fled the country and are now trying to build new lives in neighboring countries. World Relief Germany has been blessed to help a number of these refugees through programs that provide opportunities for families to heal from the wounds of war and to see their families become strong again. World Relief Germany has also been able to focus on working with children to help them better integrate into a new life in a foreign country and find the educational and emotional support that is necessary to thrive.

In addition to those who have fled Syria there are still more than 6 million people displaced within the country itself. Those who have remained face difficulties without number but even amidst he challenges there are stories of hope and joy. One such story is that of Mariam. When the war started she saw the large numbers of internally displaced persons arrive in her town. She said, “When I saw these refugees coming, I knew that somehow I had to help. They had no place to live and nothing to eat. When I saw this, I said to myself that I needed to do something.” So, Mariam opened her doors to those in need and now she has over 30 people living in her small home.

Registration in Syria

Through our work with refugees in Jordan, we have made numerous connections with Syrian families. As we heard more about their personal stories and the often difficult situations within Syria we decided that we wanted to find a way to directly serve those still in country. Over the last number of months, we have been working to register ourselves as an independent, neutral, humanitarian organisation in Syria. After much work and favor, two of our staff were able to travel into Syria in order to sign the final registration documents with officials.

They were overwhelmed by both the hospitality and friendliness of the Syrians, whether from those working with them in an official capacity or the random strangers on the street who they met while traveling from one appointment to another.

A personal highlight for one staff member was the walk-through Damascus’ old town. His Syrian friend led him to “Straight Street,” where, according to the Bible, Saul of Tarsus was suddenly healed when Ananias came to him. This healing was the turning point as a merciless persecutor of those who did not share his faith became the apostle Paul, who Christians across the world still respect and study to this day.

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This was just one example of the rich history that Syria holds as there are many other monuments, sights and stories that this country should offer. We trust that there are even more great stories yet to be told in Syria’s future!

The consequences of the long lasting and ongoing war are obvious. Whether this is the many destroyed homes that litter the roadside or the roar of airplanes in the distance, followed by bomb explosions, it is hard to escape the reality of the ongoing conflict. But as things continue to deescalate many Syrians who have had to flee war zones are now returning to their homes.

With a number of initial pilot activities, World Relief Germany, in cooperation with the local partner organizations and local churches, has already been able to provide hope for some who were in need. Now that the foundation has been laid we are looking to build a stronger and more impactful program.

Moving ahead one focus of our work in Syria will be the rehabilitation of damaged houses. This will involve working closely with local partners and communities in order to provide basic repairs to houses damaged by war, and thus make uninhabitable living spaces liveable and functional.

Thanks to your donations and prayer World Relief Germany can support these men, women, and children affected by this tragedy so that they are able to rebuild their lives, both within Syria and in those neighboring countries where they have fled.

Rehabilitation in Syria is vital for refugee families
The war has destroyed much of Syria we want to help with rehabilitation

Syria is a country in Western Asia, bordering Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Turkey to the north, Israel to the southwest, Iraq to the east and Jordan to the south. Damascus is Syria’s capital and largest city. A country of fertile plains, high mountains, and deserts, Syria is home to diverse ethnic and religious groups, but Sunni make up the largest religious group in Syria.

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