As a team we try to promote sustainable development in Iraq

Sustainable development in Iraq

Sustainable development in Iraq

Together with our partner Mission East, World Relief has been carrying out projects for refugees in northern Iraq since 2014. The refugees in this area had to flee from Syria and other parts of Iraq as their homes were impacted by war. Initially the focus was on winter survival aid, but other components have now been added. One of these is a project for refugee children and their mothers modelled after a program that has already been successfully implemented in Jordan.

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In response to the growing needs of displaced families in Iraq, WRG continues to respond with sustainable programming targeting the needs of whole families, with distinct emphasis on women and children.


Iraq is experiencing numerous new waves of displacement. ISIS is weakening and losing territory across Iraq. As a result, families that have been trapped under ISIS occupation are fleeing for safety as areas are liberated. We are immensely grateful for freedom for these communities, but these families often struggle, as the needs in Iraq are immense and there are simply not enough resources to sufficiently support the mass numbers of conflict-affected people. The project aimed to help vulnerable displaced families, particularly women and children, to meet their immediate needs and rebuild a sense of normalcy as they heal from past experiences and adapt to life in displacement. The project met basic material needs of communities through cash and distribution of non-food items (NFIs). WRG targeted hidden communities that have been neglected by other aid agencies; this includes mobilizing distributions in difficult to reach and underserved areas, focusing on communities outside of official displacement camps, where they face multiple vulnerabilities.


In June 2016, Iraqi military forces successfully liberated Fallujah from ISIS control, but these operations displaced 85,000 civilians who had been trapped under ISIS occupation. These families ended up trapped in the desert with limited or no access to food, water, toilets, shelter and other basic needs for survival, which led to scathing reports of the aid community’s ability to effectively respond to the needs of vulnerable Iraqi families. Due to the high volatility and insecurity in areas close to the front lines, and a significant lack of funding, most aid agencies were not able to secure stable access and resources for these families. WRG provided funding to a local partner, Preemptive Love Coalition, who had access to the frontlines and was able to provide food, water and shelter to these families. World Relief provided the initial seed funds for the response, which was leveraged to meet the needs of vulnerable families. Through Preemptive Love Coalition, WRG was able to provide lifesaving food and water for 500 families—and emergency rations to 1,000 desperate families in communities who had suffered under ISIS occupation.

In total, WRG served 6,912 direct beneficiaries through Basic Needs Assistance.

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Iraq is a country in Western Asia, bordered by Kuwait to the southeast Turkey to the north, Iran to the east, Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the southwest and Syria to the west. . The official languages of Iraq are Arabic and Kurdish and the largest city is Baghdad. The main ethnic groups are Arabs and Kurds.

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