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Commitment worldwide

Commitment worldwide

Germany is part of our name – that’s where we’re from and where our International Office is located. We live in a globalized world in which poverty, injustice and violence does not stop just because of an international border. While our focus is generally on individuals, families and communities in predominantly Islamic countries our principles and goals are not constrained by location. With this in mind, engagement for us also includes reconciliation activities here in Germany.

We keep our eyes open for opportunities to build bridges between Germany and our program countries. Germany is host to people from all over the globe and we have found that many of our neighbors are from those countries where we work. This provides us the ability to connect with these individuals through activities like a training program for volunteers who assist refugees called “Helping Conversation – Understanding and Walking with People in Crisis”, which was developed by World Relief Germany. Additionally, we have the privilege to advocate for the vulnerable within the many international networks that we participate in as an organization.

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Germany has welcomed many people from around the world. We have people from all of our program countries living in our neighborhood in Berlin. Here we also try to connect, through activities with migrants or through the training program for volunteers assisting refugees – “Helping Conversation – Understanding and Walking with People in Crisis” , which was developed by World Relief Germany.

Reconciliation in Action, worldwide engagement – be part of this movement!

Germany is a sovereign state in central-western Europe. It includes 16 constituent states, covers an area of 357,021 square kilometres and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. With about 82 million inhabitants, Germany is the most populous member state of the European Union. Germany’s capital and largest metropolis is Berlin.

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