I was a stranger and you welcomed me.

                                                                          Matthew 25, 35


The current refugee crisis is a global problem that concretely affects us in Germany. For many years World Relief Germany has been caring for refugees who are displaced either in their own countries or to neighbouring countries and supporting projects in their regions of origin in order to make a return to the homeland even conceivable. But the Syria crisis shows us that returning home may not be an option for many in the near future. In addition to our programs in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Turkey, we started to work here in Germany to help the German church in their programs for refugees.

We coach and train churches and groups working with refugees and asylum seekers and collect useful materials in German here. Our main topic is "The helpful chat - understanding and supporting people in crises".

If you are intersted in our trainings please contact us.

You're wondering what you can actually do in the face of the refugee crisis? One thing you have already done right: Stay informed!

  • If refugees are staying in your area, get in touch and spend some time with them. Despite language barriers you can make them feel welcome - sympathy and kind words are effective even if they are only partially understood.
  • Voluntary work is often organized through welcome groups or the municipality. Find like-minded people in your church or community and find the intersection between your resources and the needs around you. You will find your place quickly - either alone or better as a team.
  • Do not tolerate propaganda against refugees. Put yourself in the position of someone who has lost his home, his work, his property and perhaps even friends and relatives.
  • Stay in touch with us (for example, on our Facebook or Twitter pages)
  • Support the work of World Relief Germany with your donation for our work for refugees in Germany, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Somaliland, Syria, Turkey and Yemen.