Sanitation, water and hygiene -
Build, learn and act on it

The district of Rajanpur is located in the south-west of the Punjab region in Pakistan. Although 67% of the population have access to water, only 33% have access to a toilet. This means that 67% of the population relieve themselves in the open, creating a serious health hazard.

Should not everyone have a right to a hygienic sanitary facility? We say YES! After all you have a toilet in your apartment. Or even two? Together with our Pakistani partner organization, we are working to provide access to sanitation facilities for 141,000 people in a total of 200 villages. This ensures not only their right to sanitation and hygiene, but at the same time a reduction in various hygiene-related diseases.

However, it is not enough to install toilets for our Pakistani neighbors - in our case a total of 1,007 units. We are convinced that education is the key to sustainable change. We may be able to convince people to change their behavior for a short period, but often these people will return to old practices after just a few months. Instead we help them understand why it is good for their health and the well-being of their children to pay attention to hygiene through the use of toilets, soap and water. That is why in each of the two hundred villages we train teachers to be water and hygiene experts. They are trained for some time and then pass on their knowledge to their schoolchildren every year. Thus, even the little ones learn how important it is first to use a toilet and secondly to wash their hands with soap. Especially when you handle lunch with your hands. They learn not only the theoretical knowledge, but they experience on their own that it works by having less diarrhea. They talk about it at home and so the knowledge is carried on. A single teacher can reach the whole village! We are currently just starting with this project and we will certainly have to face challenges. But the effort is worthwhile to bring theory and practice - training and sanitation to Rajanpur.

Fun at school with hygiene education

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