Yemen - the happy Arabia?

In ancient times Yemen was known as "Arabia Felix", or "Happy Arabia". Now, however, the country is one of the poorest in the world. Dwindling resources, large population growth, and various internal conflicts have robbed the country of the capacity to respond appropriately to humanitarian emergencies on its own.

In March 2015, a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia began to intervene in the civil war. Since then, the situation has continued to escalate and the plight of the civilian population is worsening, particularly for women and children. Half of the population needs acute humanitarian aid.

World Relief Germany has been working in Yemen since 1998 and is still a world neighbor to the people there today. Together with local partners, who know the situation in their respective villages well, we support the Yemenis in their efforts to overcome humanitarian hardship and achieve lasting improvement. The main focus of our work has been water, sanitation, hygiene, and education, especially for children with disabilities.

In the last year, World Relief Germany has set up a network of more than 2,000 medical first responders, each of whom operate in the region around their village. They are trained in first aid and are also trained to record and report medical emergency events in their region via SMS. This system, in addition to tracking medical events, allows surveys to be conducted.

Our first aid project is an important step to identify the need for specific emergency relief and to react with appropriate activities. Even if our hope is fulfilled and the fighting ends, it is to be expected that the humanitarian situation will only improve slowly. As World Relief Germany, we see the Yemenites great hardship. But we also see the great potential of this wonderful country. So, we will continue to support the Yemenites to build their "Arabia Felixior", the happier Arabia. Be there with us as a world neighbor. Your donation is an important contribution to this process.