About us


World Relief Germany is a humanitarian organization that was born out of a passion and desire to do our part to relieve poverty.

Founded in 1998 as PartnerAid, our name changed to World Relief Deutschland in 2014. As an organization, we continue to STAND/ for the Vulnerable. With the support of our stakeholders, we actively seek to be good neighbors by helping the vulnerable to find practical and sustainable solutions to their needs.

We do this by coming alongside of communities and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to improve their situation themselves. Our approach seeks to respect culture and dignity of the communities we serve by working together to find practical solutions that address the root causes of their situation. As Christians, we consider it both a blessing and a stewardship to embrace the opportunity to serve others.

WHY do we stand?
We stand in response to the love, call and commission of Jesus Christ to serve the most vulnerable neighbors.

WHAT do we stand for?
We stand to empower local communities to heal individuals and families suffering the physical, psychological, social and spiritual wounds of poverty.

WHERE do we stand?
We currently work in six countries with a focus on the Middle East. We are working directly and through partners in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and Somaliland.

HOW do we stand?
We stand with cultural sensitivity and technical expertise, learning every day how to leverage our skills in partnership with groups so they can be better equipped to serve their communities.


STAND/ For Children

Children are frequently the most vulnerable, overlooked people group on the planet. To join them in their time of need we provide Child Development programs, where children of all ages and backgrounds are placed in clubs with trained mentors to learn valuable lessons about life, identify health, hygiene and safety. We also stand for children by training their mothers in our Maternal and Child Health program. Utilizing an innovative outreach method knows as Care Group, mothers equipped by World Relief train their neighbors with basic lessons such as hand washing, nutrition, sanitation and medication. The simple, proven methods radically reduce infant mortality and improve the quality of life for children.

STAND/ For Women

Women are the heartbeat of families and communities. When they suffer, their entire community suffers. We stand for women and strengthen their families by empowering them to be strong, educated agents of change in their communities. Through our Gender-Based Violence, Anti-Trafficking and HIV/AIDS programs, woman are mobilized and trained to sensitize their communities. By organizing workshop, conduction seminars, running youth events and counseling victims, these women promote healing, health and peace in their families and communities. We stand for women because empowered women transform the world.

STAND/ For the Displaced

Political violence, ethnic disputes and economic disparities, environmental changes, displace millions of people a year. We stand for the displaced by specializing in Immigrant Services and Refugee Resettlement in partnership with the United Nations (IOM & UNCHR), by assisting communities and churches in providing help, by providing assistance to refugees and displaced in conflict & disaster areas. Through Peace and Reconciliation workshops, we teach local communities in conflict areas around the world to embrace the call to forgive and reconcile so safe and healthy communities can begin to flourish.

STAND/ For the Devastated

To stand for individuals and communities suffering in the wake of disaster, we initiate Disaster Response programs to begin addressing basic needs. By mobilizing local church leaders to provide team members and locations for food, water and shelter distributions, we are able to respond effectively and efficiently. During the rehabilitation phase of disasters, when communities return home to find their fields destroyed and possessions lost, we respond with projects like Food Security, Shelter Reconstruction, Water/ Sanitation and Economic Empowerment so communities can begin to reestablish their livelihoods.

STAND/ For Opportunity

World Relief is respected worldwide as a leader in post-conflict / disaster micro-enterprise; helping to reestablish the economies, for devastated nations like Burundi, Congo and Cambodia. Utilizing the power of Agri-business, Microfinance and Saving s Groups, World Relief equips small business owners with the skills, capital and resources necessary to develop successful, self-sustaining businesses. We believe when given the tools and leverage their financial assets; these entrepreneurs will be able to participate in the transformation of their local communities.

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