Our Story

World Relief Germany was established as PartnerAid in 1998 by Christians who were determined to make an active contribution to overcome suffering and poverty in the countries of Central and South Asia. At that time the assistance and aid was provided voluntarily. Friends that surrounded the circle of founding members took unpaid vacations or ‘time off’ to support ongoing projects in India, the Maldives or Kazakhstan. Over time, the project's activities had grown and even larger projects had been planned. Due to the Christian values of the staff of World Relief Germany, and through contact with the local partners, we have developed a greater understanding of the need for recognition and respect of different cultures, their way of living and religions. Our aim became to better understand the culture and language of our partners, in turn allowing us to create greater sustainable solutions. The approach adopted in the following years had a greater impact of importance and the sensitivity towards staff members and their willingness to remain long on projects abroad. In 2001, a part-time manager was hired. In 2005, a staff member initiated a compilation study for an academic assignment of the ongoing projects and partners within the organization. The study was subsequently used as a strategic tool in the reorganization of the association and a further professionalization of the work in 2007. In 2013 the first steps were taken in order to become part of World Relief Family. World Relief was set up in New York in 1944, as a humanitarian agency to aid war-torn Europe. During the 50s the emergency aid was extended to include Korea which had also been ravaged by war, and later to other countries in Africa and Asia. Through its association with PartnerAid, World Relief is returning to Germany, 70 years after being founded, to again stand up for the vulnerable. Since April 2014 PartnerAid is part of the World Relief family.